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About Reka

“Everyday is another opportunity to become a better you… now let’s get it!”

A devoted mother of seven, mentor, teacher and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse – Reka Lashawn! She firmly believes that an individuals beginning has no determination on their ending as long as they believe in themselves.

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Your book is beyond amazing💓🤗! From the beginning Reflection in day 1 “I need change”, to the ending in day 7 “Ready to work!” When I started I honestly thought I was wasting my time, I wanted & needed change, but I didn’t realize that I was actually capable of the type of change that I wanted in such a short amount of time. Once I admitted my shortcomings & areas that I needed to work on, I began to put in work. Your book along with our mentor sessions have been a game changer for me‼️ One thing that you told me that I’ll never forget is, once I get to where I want to be and look back on how hard I had to work to get there, NOTHING OR NOBODY will cause me to go back💯. I’m in beast mode now💪🏽, I took your advice, began taking out the trash, starting solving my own problems, embraced my career change, began holding myself accountable, now I’m putting in work. Let’s Get It💯💪🏽

Veronica Franklin

Dear Miss Lashawn,

I really enjoyed your presentation today. I have a lot of choices for my future career, though I really can’t make up my mind. I really don’t lie when I say that you inspired me. I would love for you to mentor me. I would love to be a strong person. Though I know, I still have a lot of things to finish. My parents say that if I go to college it would be a waste of time because I could just get a job. But I refuse to give up on going to college, because I want to be an interpreter on a worldwide level. My main language is Spanish, I learned English at six years old, I can sing Japanese, as well as Korean, and I can read in Roman, also read a little Italian. I also took some beginner classes of French in my old high school. So if you could please help me I’m willing to take ACTION and make my dream a reality. I am ready to achieve this goal and strive for a brighter, clearer future.

Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation.


R.Y.S.E. Event Recap